3 Benefits of Using Median Drains

Aminto Precast offers a versatile range of products to various industries which includes culverts, precast bases, kerb inlets, value manhole chambers, precast slabs and median drains.
Median drains are pivotal in the maintenance of surface drainage and comprises of a channel, which is available in various wall heights and a concrete grid which is also available in various thickness ranges. All of these components are reinforced with quality and durable material.

Here are 3 benefits of using median drains:

1. Median drains can be used in various contexts
The flow of water from rooftops, paved streets, sidewalks and parking lots across bare soil can utilise a median drain to facilitate the water flow.

2. Medians drains enhance the infrastructure of buildings
Highway drainage can ruin the infrastructure of the road. A median drain can facilitate strength on the tar roads and wash away the subsurface of the water away.

3. Pavement and surrounding wear and tear
Median drains provide waterproof covering for the lower pavement structure, which should have a solid structure.
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