Why is it important to have storm drains next to roads?

A storm drain can be found on streets on the side of curbs or on other paved areas. These drains provide a way for excess water to run off the roads. Storm water flows through these drains until it reaches a natural body of water. Here are a few reasons as to why it is important to have a storm drain next to a road:

Prevent flooding

If there is no storm drain to clear the water, the water will seep into the soil causing it to erode. The eroding soil will then affect the structural integrity buildings surrounding the flooded area. Walls may collapse and cause further damage.

Keep drivers safe

Without storm drains, water will start pooling up on roads. This is a safety hazard for drivers as they cannot see the land that they are driving on. It is also dangerous to drive through pools of water at a high speed. If you don’t see the water and you are driving at a speed, your car could aquaplane – this is a loss of traction, causing your car to skid – and you will have no control.

Protect the road

Storm drains divert the water from the road, preventing damage such as potholes. If the water does sit on the road it can cause problems such as potholes. If the area is prone to storms, the displacement of soil due to water flowing under roads and through soil rather than into storm drains may cause sinkholes.

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