5 Practical uses for concrete barriers

Concrete barriers are commonly found on construction sites, but these versatile structures can be used in many different locations for various reasons. Read more about the many practical uses of concrete barriers below:


Precast cement slabs and their various uses

Aminto Precast & Civil Engineering offers a comprehensive range of products and services across the engineering industry. This includes Culverts, Precast Bases, Kerb Inlets, Value Manhole Chambers, Precast Slabs, Median Drains and other definitive products.

Precast cement slabs is a core structural component in many contexts. The core material is made out of concrete and is utilised to create flat horizontal surfaces. These flat horizontal surfaces can include floors, roof decks and ceilings.

One of the core reasons why precast cement slabs are used is to enhance the support structure of beams, columns and walls. There are different categories of precast cement slabs such as hollow core slabs, flat slabs, one-way joist slabs as well as composite slabs. more…

3 Benefits of Using Median Drains

Aminto Precast offers a versatile range of products to various industries which includes culverts, precast bases, kerb inlets, value manhole chambers, precast slabs and median drains.
Median drains are pivotal in the maintenance of surface drainage and comprises of a channel, which is available in various wall heights and a concrete grid which is also available in various thickness ranges. All of these components are reinforced with quality and durable material.

Here are 3 benefits of using median drains:

1. Median drains can be used in various contexts
The flow of water from rooftops, paved streets, sidewalks and parking lots across bare soil can utilise a median drain to facilitate the water flow.


What safety measures are in place when erecting manholes

Working in manholes pose potential dangers which may result in serious accidents. The common ones include falls/slips, fire or explosion, oxygen depletion, gas poisoning, heat stress, drowning, asphyxiation arising from gas, fume, vapour and entrapment by free flowing solids. Amongst which, dangers involving gases are easily overlooked or neglected, leading to serious casualties.

This blog aims to remind persons entering or working in a manhole to take appropriate measures, including measures for the prevention of oxygen depletion and gas poisoning.


Main uses for kerb inlets

Any storm-water system is only as good as the kerb inlet. There are a few crucial requirements to this vital structure, as follows:

  1. Hydraulic Efficiency – This is the most important aspect of a kerb inlet and therefore requires the greatest attention including the need to remain unblocked at all times.

  2. Structural Strength – The proximity of this structure to the road requires that it is capable of withstanding any static or dynamic loads to which it may be subjected.


Why is it important to have storm drains next to roads?

A storm drain can be found on streets on the side of curbs or on other paved areas. These drains provide a way for excess water to run off the roads. Storm water flows through these drains until it reaches a natural body of water. Here are a few reasons as to why it is important to have a storm drain next to a road:

Prevent flooding

If there is no storm drain to clear the water, the water will seep into the soil causing it to erode. The eroding soil will then affect the structural integrity buildings surrounding the flooded area. Walls may collapse and cause further damage.

Keep drivers safe

Without storm drains, water will start pooling up on roads. This is a safety hazard for drivers as they cannot see the land that they are driving on. It is also dangerous to drive through pools of water at a high speed. If you don’t see the water and you are driving at a speed, your car could aquaplane – this is a loss of traction, causing your car to skid – and you will have no control.


Benefits of using Precast Slabs

Concrete has been around for centuries, made popular for its durability and aesthetic versatility. Adding to the widely known benefits of concrete, precast slabs have their own unique set of strengths. Not only is it durable and versatile, its easy on the environment and can significantly reduce construction time.


About Median Drains

The precast concrete median drain was primarily designed for the upgrade of the SANRAL highway system. Roads will affect the natural surface and subsurface drainage pattern of a watershed or individual hill slope. Road drainage design has its basic objective: the reduction and/or elimination of energy generated by flowing water. The destructive power of flowing water increases exponentially as its velocity increases. Therefore, water must not be allowed to develop sufficient volume or velocity so as to cause excessive wear along ditches, below culverts, or along exposed running surfaces, cuts or fills.


Why you should choose Aminto Precast for all your Manhole Chambers?

Aminto is a supplier of first-rate precast concrete products. We offer a range of products including manhole chambers. These chambers are put in place to let people enter and inspect drains and sewers. Our manhole chambers are highly sought after and here’s why: more…

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